Blitz Games, Henry Hatsworth and looking onwards.

•March 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

Quite a lengthy title, I know. I just hope that the post content can live up to the standards (I “adlib” everything on this blog when I’m writing, I don’t really plan anything that isn’t part of an over-arcing game idea).

I’d say “a lot’s happened over the last week” but that would be a goddamn lie. But I do need to catch some people up with what’s been happening and where I’m gonna go from here.

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Another Quick Update

•March 12, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Only a small update, no larger post beyond the break today!

Just quickly updated my Portfolio page again, check it! It looks like I do work!

– Chris Out

Updates and Ideas

•March 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I said there’d be relatively frequent updates this week!

So Blitz Games is now 2 days away, so I’m refining a fair few things this week. This post isn’t really an idea for a new games idea, but more for what I’m planning to do over the next few months and how this blog/portfolio fits into it.

Oh, and FYI: though sparce – there are now things in my Sketchbook and Portfolio

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Puzzle RPG Consolidation

•March 9, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I’ve been horribly busy with various assignments and I’ve neglected to update my blog! Apologies. Look out later this week for some stuff added to the Sketchbook!

With the Blitz Games open day only a few days a way I’m consolidating my Puzzle RPG Idea into an easy to digest format so I can stick it in a Portfolio to show off. I’ll also be writing about a few other ideas in there, too!

After the “break” there’s a simplified version of the Puzzle RPG Idea that will go in my portfolio (the full version will hopefully be added later this week into the “Portfolio” section)

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•February 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

Not having the same work ethic as a few others in this comp lab, I’m taking a brief break to muse aloud for you all and see if this can perhaps gestate into another idea some time in the future. I’m a bit hesistant when it comes to switching from one topic to another because it essentially means I have two half finished ideas and that, my friends, is not good. But we shall roll with this and see how it goes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about customisation in RTS games, Dawn of War 2 is to thank for this. The idea that you can take a unit (or squad) and pimp them out to do change their offsensive/defensive capabilities.

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Game Design Idea – Puzzle RPG (Part 4)

•February 19, 2009 • 3 Comments

Holy Brainwaves, Batman! This update might not seem impressive to y’all but I had to get this down because it can potentially change everything I’ve thought about so far (or a fair bit of it). Oh, and thanks for those who have been checking this every day despite a few days of no updates – Gears of War, Left4Dead and World of Warcraft got in the way – sorry!

So I have what’s called an Idea Mine – this is essentially my Sketch Book, on Thursdays I’m left with over an hour before heading do a room with the necessary software to catch up with assignments in which I sit in the cantine with my Sketch Book just doodling any ideas that come into my head. It’s a useful process and anyone who’s reading this that’s on a Games Design course should give it a go – most of my ideas on this particular idea have come to me in that small window.

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Game Design Idea – Puzzle-RPG (part 3)

•February 14, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I totally meant to write this post last night, but myself and Marius ended up having a marathon co-op session of Gears of War 2, so I completely forgot.

Not a colossal update today, I’ll be doing a sizeable discussion post tomorrow – this is more a general musing today. I’ve had a couple of people asking if it’s okay to post comments and such on this blog so I’ll clear that up here:

Yes! Please post comments here, I know that a fair few people who read this are also aspiring to work in Games so some healthy discussion will help us all. I’m using this blog to develop ideas and show my thought processes (as well as just to write ideas down so I don’t forget them), any finished or concrete ideas that come out of this blog will be put in my Portfolio so feel free to chuck in your 2 cents (pence?) if you want to!


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